Marie Claire (1937)

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c21de a dit…

The pics are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much...!


Dave a dit…


I wanted to let you know that we've launched the hats page on The Collectors Weekly:


and we've chosen Des Chapeaux as one of the best collector sites for our Hall of Fame (great site!):


Take a look and let me know what you think... any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Margulius
The Collectors Weekly

PS If you felt like giving us a link back to Collectors Weekly somewhere on your site, we'd really appreciate it...

pita ou franck a dit…

hi Dave ,
just see it today Great site !Thanks for the link ,I will post "the collectors weekly "in my link too

Cristina - madhatter wannabe a dit…

What a wonderful blog, I just found it by pure chance! I hope you don't mind that I mention it in my own hat blog.
Thank you!

Cedar a dit…

Wonderful pics...I love your blog!

hermione a dit…

y a pas à dire , les femmes avaient la classe avant ..maintenant , c'est bof bof .....

Anonyme a dit…

Gracias por compartir estas bellezas.Lo ví en youtube con una canción de Trenet.Estoy muy interesado en saber más de la modelo de los sombreros de ala ancha.

pita ou franck a dit…

what can i say about large hats? those one was from 1937 and made by Parisian famous " modistes" it was the summer fashion and we call it "Capeline"
(on youtube??? a link please??)

Adi a dit…

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Greets from
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