ma modiste s'amuse...

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Alexander a dit…


My name is Alexander, I'm a historian working on the history of fashion. I was very amused by "ma modiste s'amuse..." and wanted to ask a question: where did you get these pages? I want to use this in my book, but to do that, I need a citation: what magazine, what year, what volume, etc.

I think you will be interested to compare those pictures with the following page from a German satirical magazine. Tidea of the cartoon is that foolish things come into fashion:


If you read german, there's also a poem accompanying the cartoon, well, it's from the previous issue


The poem is about a man whose wife starts wearing a pot as a hat, and the poor man has no way to cook his dinner!

Please send me a citation if you can.

My email is amaxwell "at" zworg.com

Thanks for your help


pita a dit…
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pita a dit…

Alexander I 'm so sorry , I look every where to find the magazine and I just find the 3 pages I'm afraid to have not keep the entire revue , it's 1938 probably from "Marie Claire" or "Marie-France" (if I find lather I email you )