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mademoiselle a. a dit…

Dear Pita,
I love you blog overall! Just a suggestion - with all the posted photos, the main index gets longer and longer and takes ages to load fully. You may want to change settings to weekly archives and have a smaller # of posts appear on the index. Makes browsing your wonderful collection much easier.

pita a dit…

yes ,it's better to have a quickly connection ,(at the beginning of the blog it was a weekly archives,but the archive on right was by month so if you not clic again ,you cannot see all the pictures it was a problem .) but i love big picture ,if you want more rapide clic on "juillet 2005"
(sorry for my english)

Bibi a dit…

Pita, did you saw this: http://growabrain.typepad.com/growabrain/2005/07/fashion_blogs.html?

Bibi a dit…

Ok, wrong English again... "did you see this".